Salesforce and Marketo Reporting for CMOs

Salesforce and Marketo Reporting

This is the first in a series of 10 blogs that go into the practical steps to get accurate program and campaign attribution metrics from Salesforce and Marketo reporting. This also enables you to understand return on investment from your marketing programs. The reason we chose these 2 systems is simple; most of our customers have and Marketo deployed, and most struggle to get accurate and reliable reporting.

In our experience, CMOs want the answer to 2 basic questions: Which programs (a) generate the most pipeline and revenue?, and (b) have the best return on investment for that revenue?

Getting the answers to these 2 questions is surprisingly straightforward if you know how to set the systems up in advance. But what is more common is that organizations have to re-configure their existing systems and migrate your data. Here are the most common scenarios that we encounter that signal that a CMO does not have meaningful program and ROI metrics from Salesforce and Marketo reporting.

  • We use Lead Source to determine program effectiveness
  • Our salespeople don't use Tasks
  • Our quota-carrying salespeople create opportunities and contacts
  • We convert Leads when the prospect agrees to meet with us
  • It would be better if Leads and Contacts were merged into a single database
  • We do all of our prospecting from Accounts and Contacts
  • We use Salesforce for all of our marketing reporting.

If you have or experience any of the scenarios above, you may want to check out the new blog series starting next week. It will at the very least provide an opinion on how you can get program attribution and ROI reporting that can inform and guide your marketing spend.

Ten Steps to Reliable Salesforce and Marketo Reporting

Like achieving any goal, the key is to break down the goal into the basic steps and critical details necessary for success. Here are the topics for the 10 blog series. We'll also be publishing our recommendations and welcome any feedback and improvements:

1. Salesforce and Marketo Reporting Terminology

How to get marketing and sales on the same page (by using the same words)

2. Marketo Channels and Stages

Marketo thought this was worth filing 2 patents for... why?

3. Salesforce to Marketo Reporting Integration

How to set-up Marketo to automate campaign creation (this is marketing automation, right?)

4. No Lead Conversion, No Attribution

The single most misunderstood 'feature' of Salesforce...

5. Activity Management is Easy

How and why activity management is critical for salespeople and CMOs

6. Attribution Options

Lead Source, Primary Campaign Source, Campaign Influence, ROI and RCA

7. Campaign Influence vs. Program Attribution

Options, differences, trade-offs and decisions

8. Salesforce vs. Marketo Reporting

What's the difference and why should I care?

9. Dashboards and Reports

Maximizing Salesforce reporting

10. Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA)

Maximizing Marketo reporting

If there are any requests, please subscribe and add your questions in the comments.

We are also interested in other scenarios that you have come across. What other reporting challenges have you encountered?


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