Sales Enablement

Replystream provides sales enablement solutions to address the common challenges that impact sales and marketing productivity. The goal of sales enablement is to enable new sellers and partners to be fully productive in the shortest possible time, and to ensure existing sellers remain productive.


The experts agree that successful sales on-boarding typically takes 5-10 months, many times longer (and sometimes never).

Brainshark says from studies that "it takes 10 months of more for a new sales rep to be fully productive."

CSO Insights survey states that "47% of companies say it takes 10 or more months for new sales people to become fully productive (67% are 7 or more months)."

The SAVO Group states that "in the average B2B sales organization, it takes 6-10 months to fully onboard new hires."

The Bridge Group, Inc. Inside Sales Report 2015 states that "the average ramp time for inside salespeople is 4.9 months, and in 42% of organizations it is greater than 5 months."

The Qvidian annual State of Sales Execution report cites 2 of the top 4 reasons for not achieving quota as "sales unable to effectively communicate value" in 41% of organizations and "ramping up reps takes too long" in 36% of organizations.

To better understand the factors that influence new-hire ramp we conducted detailed research with 27 customers; you can download the study here.

The conclusions are straightforward; people learn quickest by doing, and the sooner you can enable them with tools that assist in completion of selling tasks, the shorter your ramp-time will become.



Replystream sales enablement solutions help you support many common use-cases in sales and marketing.

New-Hire Onboarding

Real-world training, coaching, and role-plays for new hires during their initial on-boarding.

New Product Launch

Launch new products to your direct and channel sales organizations with the essential content.

New Brand and Messaging

Reinforce your brand identity and go-to-market messaging through every sales interaction.

New Business Launch

Launch new start-ups or spin-out new business with key go-to-market information.

Discovery Meetings

Enable consistent presentation, discovery and information gathering in new prospect meetings.

Opportunity Review

Provide a consistent structure to evaluate opportunities and prioritize resources.

Quarterly Business Review

Standardize the information about prospects presented by your sellers at QBRs.

Competitive Intelligence

Identify the competition early, handle objections, differentiate and improve win rates.

Appointment Setting

Enable your internal and external telemarketing teams with the very latest content and messaging.

Objection Handling

Collect and share the most effective objection-handling information with your sellers.

Sales Development

Help your lead development teams to increase the consistency of qualification and information gathering.

Channel Partners

Provide your distributors, resellers services and referral partners with the content to increase win rates.

CASE STUDY: NexGen Storage

See how NexGen Storage grew pipeline 454% from re-launch.


CASE STUDY: Couchbase

See how Couchbase grew pipeline over 600%.



Business Benefits

By helping your sales and customer success team at the critical point of engagement - when they are interacting with prospects, partners and customers - we can deliver significant gains over traditional sales enablement solutions.

Minimize Launch-Time

Quickly ramp new-hires, roll-out new go-to-market messaging and launch new products.

Increase Pipeline Generation

Improve prospect discovery and the consistency of qualification.

Maximize Productivity

Maximize the productivity and potential of your direct sales organization and channel partners.

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