Real-Time Playbooks

Enable your salespeople with a dynamic playbook so they can maximize every sales opportunity.


Real-time playbooks help you to provide the critical content that your new-hires need to be prospect-ready. They can learn by doing with the support of a dynamic guide that adjusts based on prospect persona, organization profile and the information they collect from their discussions.

Content Editor

Drag-and-drop editor to rapidly create, curate and manage content.

Data Security

All content and data accessed and stored in Salesforce.

Dynamic Plays

Content personalized by account, contact and real-time interactions.

Seamless Integration

Insert and update any standard and custom fields in Salesforce.

One-Click Notes

Structured data collection from intuitive point-and-click note-taking.

Role Templates

Support for all roles within the sales, engineering and customer services teams.

Visual Feedback

Real-time visual cues guide salespeople to explore potential issues.

Marketing Systems

Structured data available to marketing automation and predictive scoring systems.

Case Study: NexGen Storage

See how NexGen Storage grew pipeline 454% from re-launch.


Case Study: Couchbase

See how Couchbase grew pipeline over 600%.



Anam Mahmood

Sales Development, Couchbase

"The Replystream Playbook was a fantastic tool for me starting at Couchbase. I was at quota in month 2 and quickly became the top SDR at the company."

Niki Lagerloef

Senior Manager, Worldwide Sales Development, Couchbase

"Our new SDRs are productive in week 2 of joining. The most recent hire is already on-target in the first month of employment."

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