Lead and Activity Management

Provide a simple, concise and easy-to-use process that leverages the core functionality of your CRM.

Sales Management: Simple Closed-Loop Process

Consistent and disciplined prospecting is a proven way of building pipeline and exceeding quota. By adding a bullet-proof activity follow-up process - so no sales activity gets dropped - the number of new pipeline opportunities can increase dramatically.

  • Easy-to-understand pipeline generation process
  • Real-time campaign performance by conversation outcome
  • Accurate status of all leads and activities
  • Simple and unambiguous language requires zero training
  • All your leads have validated follow-up activity
  • Easily identify important missing data
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Salespeople: Designed for Salespeople

A lead management process that is specifically designed to increase a sales persons effectiveness can have effects across the entire organization. When sales people record information accurately and consistently because a process is simple and easy-to-use, the quality and reliability of management reporting also increases.

  • A CRM process that sales people love
  • Standard reports & views to trust and use
  • Appropriate follow-up at the right time
  • Easy-to-understand, simple-to-use process
  • Visibility into all corners of your territory
  • Know in advance when contract renewals are due.

Sales Operations: Minimal Training

The ramp time to bring on new hires and train them to be fully effective can be many months. Additionally, CRM data is recorded inconsistently due to poor understanding of the process. A simple and logical approach, designed from the perspective of a salesperson, can eliminate a lot of wasted time, money and unreliable reporting.

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  • CRM designed for your salespeople
  • CRM instrumented to capture meaningful metrics
  • Reduced training and ramp-up time for new hires
  • Critical leading indicators of pipeline
  • Track and alert on contract renewals
  • Exception reports to address gaps early.

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