Ideal Customer Profile

Developing an ideal customer profile enables you to focus on the target markets that are relevant for your sales organization today. Ideal customer profiles are evolving all the time, so understanding where you are having success today will help you direct your sales effort for maximum payback and results. As the customer profile changes, you'll be able to see new market segments forming and quickly adjust your resources.

Addressable Market: Focus on the market segments that are buying now

When the contents of your CRM aligned to your current target addressable market, sales people will focus selling to prospects that you know are active buyers of your products.

  • Quantify your addressable market
  • Identify target companies are in your CRM
  • Key buying contacts for your prospects
  • Marketing aligned with your target market
  • Sales focused on the most-likely buyers
  • Campaigns that leverage your customer stories
  • Compare your CRM with your target market.
ideal customer profile

Firmographic: Identify the markets and organizations that drive success

Many organizations have incomplete customer data; often in worse shape than their lead data. Without capturing the minimum firmographic information, and other attributes unique to its business, an organization will struggle to understand who their customers are, and use this insight to drive more business.


  • Identify successful industries and market segments
  • Find natural groupings of organizations
  • Identify firmographic information by segment
  • What customer references are relevant by industry
  • White-space analysis of existing markets
  • Secure bridgehead customers in new market segments.

Demographic: Find your real customer buyers and influencers

Clarity about the key buyers and influencers in your sales process, allows you to provide content tailored to those personas, and conversion rates to increase.


  • Complete information about customers
  • View key contacts by function and role
  • Develop your own taxonomy of buyers
  • Detailed ideal customer profile analysis
  • Identify your target contacts
  • Re-analyze every quarter.

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