Replystream Data Automation provides the essential classifier steps that can be used as-is, or as the basis for customized classifiers. These address the common problems that impact the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams every day.

They can also help you answer the common marketshare and coverage questions needed for financial and investor reporting.

Affinity and Ranking Lists

Organizations often want to track the number of customers they acquire in certain affinity groups or rankings. Replystream Data Automation enables customers to identify which customers and prospects fall within specific groups. Out-of-the-box support includes:

Fortune 500

Fortune magazine 2016 list by total revenues, incorporated and operating in the US.

Global 500

Fortune magazine 2016 list by total revenues, of global organizations.

eCommerce 500

Internet Retailer list of top online retailers.

Global 5000

Independently developed list of top 5000 global organizations by revenues. 

Top 100 Lists

Customized target top ranking lists from numerous publications.


Geography typically plays a big part in assignment of individual prospects and organizations to your salespeople and territories. Even with data enrichment, validation rules and other checks, it can still be hard to standardize Country, State/Province and other geographical information across your CRM. Replystream standardizes the geographical information according to your chosen method. Out-of-the-box support includes:

Country ISO Alpha-2 & 3

2 and 3-character ISO country codes. E.g. US and USA.

US State Alpha-2 & 2-Digit

2-digit and 2-character State codes. E.g. CA and 06.

Canadian Province Alpha-2

2-character standardized Province codes. E.g. BC.

EU State & Province Alpha-2

2-character standardized EU members State and Region.

Asia-Pacific State Alpha-2

2-character standardized Asia-Pacific State and Region.

Market Segment

Organization information stored in CRM and marketing automation systems come from many sources. Replystream Data Automation enables customers to overlay a common and, if necessary, customized definition of their target markets and industry segments irrespective of data source or vendor. Out-of-the-box support includes:


North American Industry Code System. Post-1997 Services-oriented definitions by US, Canada and Mexico.

SIC Code

US Standard Industry Code System. Pre-1997 manufacturing and agriculture-oriented definitions.

Industry and Sub-Industry definitions from Salesforce


Industry and Sub-Industry definitions from Salesforce


Industry and Sub-Industry definitions from Rainking.


Industry and Sub-Industry definitions from Avention (previously Onesource).

Zoom Info

Industry and Sub-Industry definitions from Zoom Information.


Industry and Sub-Industry definitions from InsideView.


Industry and Sub-Industry definitions from Netprospex.


Customer defined marketplace and industry-oriented definitions .

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