Case Study: Druva

Druva defines new category, launches new product, deploys new corporate messaging and grows pipeline over 400%.

Over 30 percent of corporate data today is outside of data center – on endpoints and in the cloud, and this number is expected to grow to over 50 percent in three years. Adhering to compliance standards when corporate data is scattered across cloud applications and endpoints is a daunting task.

Druva’s InSync product is the #1 Gartner-rated endpoint data protection solution. Druva serves the data protection needs for more than half of the Fortune 500 including DHL, Pfizer, GE, IKEA, and more than 3,000 other global organizations. Since the release of InSync in 2008, Druva quickly emerged as the leader in endpoint data protection and governance.

In 2015, Druva expanded their award-winning product Insync to integrate with cloud applications. This new capability enables organizations to govern and protect sensitive data wherever it resides; on endpoints such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and cloud applications such as Office 365 and Box.net.

Druva pioneered the first system to provide information governance and security executives a single view of all their end user data so that they can avoid data loss, ensure compliance, respond quickly to internal investigations and provide litigation support.

Druva extended the offering with Phoenix, a new server-based data backup offering coupled with cloud storage which simplifies the long term data archival process. These new products and capabilities have defined an emerging market category called Converged Data Protection.

Backup is not an End-User Problem

Many organizations have relied on end-users to protect and manage the business data that resides on their laptops, phones and tablets. The guidance and expectation was that end-users would perform their own backups or store data on a shared networked drive.
This sounds like a realistic solution until a key employee loses a laptop or phone. The data is then exposed, unprotected and often permanently lost. When the device contains sensitive financial or private personal data this can result in serious repercussions.

Even companies that have deployed commercial endpoint backup solutions run into problems as users will switch-off their centralized backup system because there is a degradation in performance of the laptop that renders the machine unusable. Unlike the alternatives, Druva provides a solution that addresses the specific needs of executives, administrators and end-users.


Product Launch

In 2015, Druva launched Phoenix, a new enterprise grade cloud backup and archival for servers. Phoenix leverages Druva’s strengths in encryption keys and global de-duplication to provide a 100% cloud-based offering that requires minimal set-up by administrators.

As part of the Phoenix launch Druva wanted to make sure the sales development teams had all the new sales and product information readily available. Since Phoenix is marketed to both existing InSync customers as well as net-new prospects, Druva was keen to ensure that the technical and business aspects of the product were represented and explained accurately.

Additionally, Druva wanted to actively listen to the initial market feedback about their product. They were interested in feedback regarding the technical capabilities, perceived competitive strengths and weaknesses, and the business case to deploy Phoenix.

New Messaging

The Phoenix product launch and new InSync capabilities has allowed Druva to define the new market category of Converged Data Protection. In addition to introducing the new messaging through digital media, Druva wanted to ensure the consistency of the conversations they had with new prospects, plus capture the outcomes and context of those conversations.

Druva’s management team wanted better visibility into the effectiveness of their new messaging, and more control to test and adjust the messaging based on feedback from prospects, partners, customers and employees.

Building Pipeline
Like any business, Druva’s product development, strategic marketing and demand generation initiatives are all ultimately aimed at increasing revenue growth. Druva wanted to leverage their sales development function to generate sufficient high-quality new business pipeline to allow the sales organization to achieve revenue targets.

Druva was looking for systems that will improve the conversion rates of new leads to opportunities, plus enable their sales organization to have better-informed initial sales meetings with prospects. As part of this exercise Druva also expected to get better and more timely feedback on the quality of the leads they were generating for the sales organization.


Druva worked with Replystream in the following areas:

Ideal Customer Profile

An in-depth look at Druva’s customer base was used to identify in detail the companies, verticals, management levels, and job titles that were most prevalent in ALL of their closed/won sales engagements. This ideal customer profile enabled Druva to focus on the target markets that are most relevant for their sales organization today, and point their sales organization into new markets where early success was evident.

Marketing Content Automation

Compiling Druva’s sales and marketing material into a single conversation-based guide ensures that Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) and Sales Development Reps (SDRs) in all territories are able to stay on point and share a cohesive message when engaging with prospects.

The Replystream Conversation Guide integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, recording data points from all conversations, and enabling analysis for their product marketing and management teams, while fueling future demand generation programs with conversation-validated intelligence.

Lead and Activity Management Process (LAMP)

Implementation of the Replystream LAMP provides complete visibility into the life-cycle of a lead. This easy-to-use process increases the quality and reliability of management reporting while ensuring that the status and activity of each-and-every lead is accurately recorded. It is specifically designed to increase a salesperson’s effectiveness during initial conversations and follow up discussions.

Conversation Intelligence Dashboards

The Replystream data provided Druva the empirical data they needed about the new product launch, new messaging, key competitors and the effectiveness of the content provided to the sales organization.


With minimal ramp up time for the existing sales development team, Druva has increased the number of scheduled qualified meetings by 466%, while at the same time reducing their sales overhead by 18%.

Replystream reduced the steps required to log activity while ensuring that the CRM input is clean. Salespeople are now having more effective conversations with more relevant content, leading to improved conversions and more consistent discovery and qualification.

Druva’s inside sales organization has seen an increase in average contract value of 50% and in turn have reduced the length of the average sales cycle by another 50%. By having visibility into the ISR activities and sales process, the company is now able to provide valuable feedback to the marketing team on the quality of leads generated for sales. In addition, marketing is able to enhance communication back to its customers through automated lead nurturing programs.

By implementing the Replystream technology platform and built-in processes, Druva has been able to create and launch new products, new functionality and new messaging and get direct and real-time market feedback.



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[testimonial author=”Jaspreet Singh” avatar_type=”attachment_id” avatar_value=”1392″ meta=”Founder and CEO” link=”http://www.druva.com/about/leadership/”]”In addition to the outstanding business results, Replystream allows us to rapidly launch new messaging and marketing content to our sales teams, and then track the replies that we receive from individual prospects. We use this ‘conversation intelligence’ to gain insights into our market and competitors.”[/testimonial]

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[list style=”list12″ color=”blue”]

  • Launching new product
  • Gauge market response
  • Deploy new messaging to sales
  • Feedback from the sales organization



[list style=”list12″ color=”blue”]

  • Developed Ideal Customer Profile
  • Deployed Lead & Activity Management Process
  • Launched Conversation Guide
  • Implemented Automated Dialing Technology



[list style=”list12″ color=”blue”]

  • Better conversations, more meetings
  • 466% increase in monthly pipeline opportunities created
  • Accurate and reliable Salesforce CRM metrics
  • New sales development staff productive in first month
  • Average sales price increased by 50%
  • Sales cycle reduced by 50%



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