Replystream Data Automation provides the essential classifier steps that can be used as-is, or as the basis for customized classifiers. These address the common problems that impact the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams every day.

Persona Classification

Organizations invest significantly in identifying the key personas they are targeting and developing messages that resonate with these individuals. Replystream Data Automation supports analyzes and classifies individual job titles across different industries to determine the Job Level, Function and Role. This information is then used to automatically 'calculate' the persona of the prospect and group these according to the requirements of the customer.

Job Level

The Job Level is determined by analyzing the contact title.

Job Function

The Job Function is determined by analyzing the contact title.

Job Role

The Job Role is determined by analyzing the contact title.


Persona are calculated from Job Level, Function and Role.

Phone Validation

Salespeople invest a large amount of time in research and (essentially) data validation when they could be focused on selling actions. Replystream Data Automation can determine valid and invalid phone number formats in the major global commercial regions. This allows sales and marketing operations to prioritize valid data and build process to enrich invalid data before reaching the sales teams.

North America

Identifies and formats North American phone numbers.


Identifies and formats European phone numbers.


Identifies and formats Asian phone numbers.

Invalid Phone

Identifies and flags invalid phone numbers.

Email Validation

Salespeople, marketing operations and sales operations all invest time to identify and confirm valid business email addresses. Replystream Data Automation analyzes given email addresses and classifies them according to their type, including; personal, temporary, top-level domains, country and invalid formats.

Personal Email

Identifies hotmail, gmail, yahoo and other personal email addresses.

Educational Establishment Email

Identifies educational and medical facility email addresses.

Temporary Email

Identifies mailinator, trashmail and other temporary and fake email addresses.

Federal Civil and Defense Email

Identifies military .mil and other federal, state and local agency email addresses.

Commercial Organization Email

Identifies .com, .net, io, .us and other commerical email addresses.

Non-Profit Email

Identifies .org and other non-profit email addresses.

Invalid Email

Identifies invalidly formatted and junk email addresses.

International Treaty Email

Identifies .int and other international organization email addresses.

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