Data Automation

Replystream provides out-of-the-box Data Automation to address the most common challenges that impact sales and marketing productivity. We also let you design, configure and deploy your own automation to solve the unique challenges of your business.


The goal of data automation is personalization; to allow marketing programs and salespeople to create content, messages and call-to-actions that are highly relevant and compelling to an individual person and their organization. There are three essential steps to personalization.

Classify and Standardize

Systematically classify all data attributes to clean bad data and append the meta-data meaningful to your business.

Segment and Prioritize

Create campaigns, views and reports that are immediately actionable by marketing systems and sales teams.

Personalize and Act

Use your organization profiles and personas to guide personalized content for sales engagement.


Data Automation done right can free-up the time of your sales and operations teams to focus on winning new business and supporting the customers you have. Many of the mundane, repetitive and low-level tasks that your sales staff and system administrators work on every day can be automated.

Identify and Fix Errors

Detect and fix bad data so it is actionable by sales.

Automate Manual Research

Speed-up the manual research process.

Assign Roles and Calculate Personas

Append level, function, role and calculate personas.

Prioritize Target Contacts

Organize related and similar contacts.

Validate Domains and Emails

Identify corporate emails and domains.

Build Target Lists and Views

Get your sales team out of data management.

Validate Phone Numbers

Fix US and international phone number formats.

Profile Organizations and Technologies

Automatically profile and segment companies.

Features: Firmographics

Standard classifiers for organizational profiling.


Features: Demographics

Standard classifiers for profiling individuals and personas.


Features: Data Automation

Key features of Replystream Data Automation.


Business Benefits

Cleansing, matching and appending data is a waste of time, money and highly-valuable resources unless it automatically delivers results. Replystream creates the reports, views and content that sales teams can action immediately in their day-to-day activities. The benefits include:

Eliminate Downtime

Segmenting and prioritizing avoids wasting time on irrelevant contacts, reduces research and eliminates manual list-building.

Reduce Data Budget

Spend less on data, match and append, web-hooks and other third-party sources. Focus investment on prioritized lead sources.

Improve Conversions

Profile organizations and calculate personas on-the-fly so your sales teams can personalized their message and increase conversions.

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