Automatically profile organizations and assign personas.

Interactive Editor

Develop, extend and manage classifiers using the new Classifier Editor.

Data Security

All Classifier credentials, definitions, filters and results stored in Salesforce.

Company Recipes

Classifier Recipes to profile and segment your target organizations and accounts.

CRM Integration

Classify any standard and custom objects and fields in Salesforce.

Market Recipes

Classifier Recipes for standardized and custom market segmentation.


Run Classifier Recipes on-demand, scheduled and event-based. 

Persona Recipes

Classifier Recipes for standardized and custom persona assignment.

Matching Options

Select from a variety of matching techniques to search and classify your data.

Anam Mahmood

Sales Development, Couchbase

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Niki Lagerloef

Senior Manager, Worldwide Sales Development, Couchbase

"Our new SDRs are productive in week 2 of joining. The most recent hire is already on-target in the first month of employment."

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