Our goal is to transform the buying process for prospects and vendors.

Better Educated Buyers

Replystream was launched in 2015 as a result of a single observation; when people are researching, shopping and buying they are demanding a more timely, efficient and educated discussion with a sales representative who has the right information about them. The context, quality and consistency of the conversations prospects have with potential vendors is itself part of the evaluation process. Prospects reason that if the vendor does not understand their business challenges as a new prospect, how good are they likely to be at servicing them as a customer?

Real-Time Personalized Content

At the same time organizations are working hard to be more consistent with the information they communicate-to and collect-from their prospects. They then want to act on this information about their marketplace and prospects to make the critical business decisions that will help grow their businesses and provide the shareholder returns they promised.

More Predictable Conversion

Over the past several years we have consulted to many businesses; running teams, optimizing systems and digging through data to help customers improve top-of-funnel productivity. These customers have included life sciences, technology, services and manufacturing industries, with direct and indirect distribution channels. They have been Fortune 100 companies, mid-market businesses and small enterprises. They have included boot-strapped start-ups and white-hot Tier 1 VC-backed start-ups. We have seen insanely high-growth, stagnation and declining revenues. All of them ask us the same questions: How do we find more prospects who want to buy? How do we build a high-quality and predictable sales pipeline?

Voice of Prospect

This led Replystream to create the vision for Voice of Prospect and to develop the Replystream platform to support it. With a simple-to-use application, marketing can refine the right content for their target prospects and dynamically deliver this for sales to use. They then watch in real-time as prospect replies populate their critical sales and marketing systems.


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