The first phase of ABM is to identify your target organizations and personas and the insights that are relevant to them.

Select Accounts

Identify the target market segments and accounts from your CRM and third-party data sources.

Account selection is the critical step in ABM but it is also one of the most challenging. Replystream Ideal Customer Profiles provide the key information to streamline this process.

  • Fully segmented customer base in your CRM
  • Key firmographic attributes including locations, industries (NAICS, SIC, custom), products (NAPCS), size (absolute and ranges), growth and other public-domain information
  • Key technology attributes including required and complementary products



Discover Contacts

Identify and acquire target personas from your CRM and third-party data providers.


The Ideal Customer Profile also analyzes and classifies the contacts associated with customers; it 'calculates' your personas.

  • 'Calculate' existing customer contact personas
  • Key demographic information including Job Level (e.g. VP), Job Function (e.g. IT) and Job Role (e.g. Security, Compliance...)
  • Classify existing  Leads and Contacts to determine the personas currently represented in the CRM
  • Classify data from third-party sources to build out the personas for the target segments and accounts.

Account Insights

Develop account insights from the challenges and success stories of your existing customers.

Review of existing sales and marketing content provides the raw materials for developing account insights.

  • Case studies and customer testimonials
  • Use-cases and problem statements
  • Competitive positioning
  • Internally and externally developed play-books
  • Industry analyst reports and trends
  • Discovery questions
  • Qualification criteria


The second phased of ABM is to align content to the key attributes of the accounts, personas and key insights you identified.

Account Messages and Content

Deliver content and messaging that resonates to accounts and contacts about their market.


Focus on the impactful and thoughtful content that illicit a response and encourages questions and interest from contacts.

  • Challenges of similar (customer) accounts
  • Success of their competitive accounts
  • High-profile and thought leadership of peer contacts
  • Discovery questions that uncover issues
  • Objection handling from a position of knowledge.

Account and Contact Interactions

Focus on consistent, concise and timely interactions when engaging with senior-level executives.

Track all email, voice and social interactions in your CRM.

  • Closed-loop activity management
  • Sales follow-up on-time and on-message
  • Replay history of interactions
  • Progressive discovery
  • Consistent qualification

Account and Contact Plays

Execute personalized campaigns or plays into your target accounts and contacts.


Ensure consistency across all modes of interaction and through direct and indirect channels.

  • Closed-loop activity management
  • Sales follow-up on-time and on-message
  • Replay history of interactions
  • Progressive discovery
  • Consistent qualification.


The third phase of ABM is measurement; start tracking as soon as you start so your can start iterating and improving early.


Assess the quality and completeness of the accounts and contacts that meet the target account and persona criteria.

Review the accuracy and quality of your target account and contacts data.

  • Eliminate invalid and bad data
  • Verify valid titles
  • Verify valid phone number formats
  • Verify valid email address formats
  • Email and phone verification
  • Conversation verification.


Track and correlate all activities across Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.


Ensure the sales team has a quick, simple and consistent way to record their interactions across accounts and contacts.

  • Structured data in your CRM
  • Guided discovery and questions
  • Consistent qualification criteria
  • Simplified activity management
  • Synchronization with marketing automation



Correlate interactions, information gathering, discovery and qualification with early signs of successful conversion.

Measure and correlate account and contact engagement with meaningful sales conversions.

  • Scheduled meetings by account and persona
  • Completed meetings by discovery information
  • New opportunity creation by qualification criteria
  • Opportunity age and amount by job level
  • Real-time Net Promoter Scores.
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